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The Heels Academy

The Heels Academy was created by Kween, Vanessa, and Michelle in the Summer of 2019. When a space to dance became unavailable – the team met to create a concept. Although they tried to reignite that space – it became clear they were ready to take the next step and The Heels Academy was created. The Heels Academy (aka THA) is an 18+ heels training and dance program that is designed to welcome dancers into a vibrant and supportive community, THA also aims to help each dancer grow in their strengths, challenge and overcome their weaknesses, gain confidence, feel empowered, and build their performance skills. This is a safe space for adult dancers of all sizes, races, genders, experiences, and walks of life to come together for one shared goal: TO DANCE! Typically, this is a 10- to 12-week program with levels designed to break the stigmas of beginners and advanced and instead promote goals and positivity in whatever stage of dance and life you are in. Our studio is most often filled with laughter, cheers of support and celebration, and some amazing music across a variety of styles. Each class concentrates on heels style dance with influences from hip hop, jazz, lyrical, house, soca, and burlesque styles… to name a few! Classes run for 2 hours weekly. You can expect the first hour to strengthen the body, gain flexibility, and develop your skills in heels. This will help you to hone in on your muscle memory, learn execution, and solidify your dance foundations. While the second hour is strictly choreography. With new choreography each week, you can have fun both as a session member or by coming to dance as a non-member in the weeks you have available. *Video and Photos will be posted and provided*