1. Click on “Listings” to edit or create a new listing
  2. Click on an existing listing to edit or the “Add New Listing” button
  3. Add an unique listing name
  4. Add listing content using Gutenberg editor (see videos below)
  5. Add page excerpt on right sidebar for listing short description
  6. Fill out all applicable listing fields
  7. Upload listing logo (minimum 400px height or width, close cropped transparent PNG or JPG with white background – system will auto re-size larger images)
  8. If no listing logo add a feature image (minimum 400px by 400px) on right sidebar
  9. Add custom meta description in Yoast SEO panel at the bottom of the page
  10. Publish / update page by clicking on the blue “Publish” or “Update” button at the top right

Video Tutorials

Gutenberg Editor






Feature Image

Uploading Images

Adding Images From Media Library

Embed Videos